Life In The Spirit Seminar

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Renewing and igniting the power of the Holy Spirit that we received at baptism and confirmation.  Promoting an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ our Lord to experience a personal Pentecost in our lives.

"The Spirit will guide you to all truth."  John 16:13

What is a Life in the Spirit Seminar?

The Seminar is an invitation to make or renew a deep personal commitment to Jesus Christ in openness to the Holy Spirit and His gifts. It serves as an introduction to a life in the power of the Holy Spirit.  It provides teaching, guidance, and prayer leading to a new and deeper relationship with the Lord. Come and experience the presence of the Lord, through praise and worship with community.

The Seminar is includes:
> Lively Praise & Worship
> Talks and Testimonies from Brothers & Sisters in Christ
> Discussion Group Sharings
> Healing of Memories Prayer
> Prayer of Surrender to Jesus
> Prayer for the Release of the Holy Spirit in Power

Talks include:
> God's Love
> Salvation
> The New Life
> Receiving God's Gift
> Prayer for the Baptism/Release of the Holy Spirit
> Growth in the Spirit
> Transformation

The LSS can optionally be followed by a Growth in the Spirit Seminar (GSS), and then by a Maturing in the Spirit Seminar (MSS) and a Walking in the Spirit Seminar (WSS).  Each of the seminars builds upon the previous one in sequence and follow similar formats.  All relate to our growth in the grace of a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit.

LSS can be given at your parish, or combined with other parishes. They are typically scheduled on demand, but watch here for any scheduled seminars. A regular slate of seminars will begin again in the fall.

Please call Tom Beale at 623-878-6488, or email at for more information, or to schedule a Life in the Spirit Seminar for your church, parish or prayer community.

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