Diocese of Phoenix CRM

Catholic Renewal Ministries (CRM) comes directly under the headship of the bishop and the diocese via a formal liaison, appointed by the bishop and responsible to the bishop, charged with direction of, supervision over, and pastoral care for the members of CRM and their associated activities. The liaison is typically a member of the clergy, although religious or lay people are appointed in some situations.

Under direct headship to the liaison, a lay director is appointed to direct the daily workings of CRM. In the Diocese of Phoenix, there are two such lay coordinators: one concerned with the members and activities of English-speaking ministries and one concerned with the members and activities of the Spanish-speaking ministries. Likewise, CRM within the Diocese of Phoenix has two components, concerned with the ministries and needs of the faithful with English and Hispanic language and cultural needs, respectively.Each lay coordinator in turn is supported by an appointed Advisory Board and, on a broader scale, by a Leadership Team comprised of the heads of CRM ministries, prayer group leaders and core group members, and other individuals providing leadership and services within CRM.

CRM Liaison:
Bishop Nevares
Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix

CRM English Coordinator:
Marge Chavez

CRM English Advisory Board:
Tom Beale
Ron Clavecilla
Theresa Clavecilla
Bertha Murillo
Manuel Murillo
Ed Orillo

Youth and Young Adult Coordinator:
Jojo Concepcion

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